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From Mobile Device

Simply submit the quote request through this link if you:

  1. Love our existing design but want to change the paper and print types or combine them with other designs of ours.
  2. Have your own ready-to-print file and want us to help with the printing.
  3. Need to make a complete custom design from scratch.

Please attach some design example(s) as a reference to your request. We'll get in touch with the quotation via email within 2 working days after your submission.

We would also recommend checking these links before submitting the quote request:

To see the paper and print types in person, we recommend you get our Sample pack or Swatch kit here

Complete guide on quote request submission from your mobile devices

1. Click ‘more+’ on the right top of the page
2. Fill in the information required
3. Choose the type of inquiry (‘design & print’ or ‘print only’)
4. Tick on the card you wish to get and its quantity
5. Tick on the print types you’re interested in. We provide an estimated price for each print type to help you make your decision
6. Tick on the envelope details you wish to have, and click ‘select one’ to check the color options
7. Click on the ‘+’ mark to attach your design references in the size and format mentioned in the description
8. Describe your request specifically in the box provided
9. Enter the captcha (required)
10. Click ‘Request quote’ to submit the quote

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